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Building Better Games
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A Book -- Two Massive Online Game Blueprints: RPG, FPS

In this book, I present game “blueprints” for two massive online games I have been working on for the last ten years. I will discuss key features of each game and why I feel these systems are necessary. My games involve new types of game-play. When pitching these games I have found that people get hung up on a particular feature and stall. I hope that you will read the full description to find out how all the features work together before forming an opinion. The two games I have designed are based on these beliefs: 1. World of Warcraft® (WoW) is a very good, very polished BEGINNER massive. Because WoW is an entry-level massive it appeals to a very broad assortment of players. 2. A high-quality niche massive, that appeals to gamers who enjoy/enjoyed WoW but are ready for a more challenging/different massive can easily attract and retain 200,000+ subscribers. (for example World of Tanks) The massives I have designed can be brought to market with a budget allowing for a good return-on-investment with 200,000 subscribers. The “elevator pitch” for these two games are: Codex of the Lifegiver: A MMO that maximizes player community and game-play choices, and minimizes game-play/interactions a player does not want. The game is inspired by the prolog of “Code of the Lifemaker” by James P. Hogan (available on Amazon), a great read. Away Team: A MMO that maximizes exciting edge-of-your-seat game-play in scheduled, 45- minutes or less “Missions.” The Away Team world is alive and changing every day based on the results of player “Missions.” In the Appendix are my starting notes for a new type of Real-Time-Strategy game: Aftermath! Online. It is a persistent massive real-time-strategy game set 20 minutes in the future in an apocryphal world. Players can start the game in a virtual version of their own home town. Other key features include no micro-managing and personal victory conditions. One of the last games my company, Phoenix Games, worked on was “Aftermath!” by Robert N. Charrette and Paul R. Hume, a great idea then, a great idea now. Dan Bress Two Massive Online Game Blueprints: RPG, FPS Paperback $14.95 available from Amazon eBook $7.95 available soon