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Building Better Games™
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BUILDING BETTER GAMES At Yutani Game Division, our motto is “Building Better Games™”. For us that means better game-play, period. Every game we work on advances the art in large and small ways. In “Asteroid Wars” we are changing how a player interacts with the game. In our board game (working title) “Hack Attack” we are throwing out the traditional hex grid and using an Oct grid. In our board game “Stone Age” we are changing how maps are created and distributed. LETTING THE MARKET DECIDE We are going to be putting our new games on Kickstarter.com.  We are going to let the market decide if we should bring a game to market. This gives us the freedom to create new gameplay without worrying about whether it will sell. If you guys think one of our new games is fun, great! We’ll finish it up and bring it to market. If not, we’ll learn from your comments and go on to the next game. FORGOTTEN GAMEPLAY In a time before time, there was no internet and games were different. A lot of gameplay from that time has simply been forgotten. The feeling of getting a new turn in a play-by- mail game, such as “Next Empire” or “Lord of the Rings PBM”, does not exist today. Back then when game designers gathered, we would throw ideas around, such as Asymmetric Rule Sets and Less Micromanaging. Ideas that haven’t made it into modern games. FUN & CHALLENGING GAMEPLAY We won’t do a game if it’s not fun. We are not interested in eSports, build-order gameplay and the like. We design fun games where Players get to make meaningful decisions. We realize that Players enjoy different levels of Challenge, so we design games with different levels of Challenge. We rate the Challenge Level of our games from 1 (my cat could play it) to 10 (Sherlock Holmes would need help). We rate how easy a board game is to learn by weighing the rules and associated character cards and such.